ENG 304

My course description: 

This course teaches the fundamentals of blogging & website making. Major tasks include creating a blog for oneself, writing on the Medium & learning to code with Codeacademy. This class also focuses on enhancing creativity with the DS106 assignments and Daily Create challenges that allow the student to freely express themselves in any way they want- so long as they follow the theme. By the end of the course, the student will have a full ePortfolio filled with all their creations throughout the semester.

UNE’s course description: 

This course takes a hands-on approach to exploring reading and writing in digital (Web) environments. Students in the course consider ways that digital writing environments create opportunities for writers to address multiple audiences, to bring together visual and alphabetic texts and to involve readers in the construction of those texts. Students in the course will develop a variety of digital texts, including blogs, websites and wikis. Students’ work will be collected in an e-portfolio designed and assembled over the course of the term.

Sample Work:

Inside of this tab, you can find the majority of the work I did for my Reading & Writing in the Digital Environments class. The three big homework tasks nested in here include: DS106 assignments, Daily Creates, and Codeacademy. You can find the DS106 assignments and all of the Daily Creates in the first tab “DS106 Work”, and the Codeacademy work in the second tab “Codeacademy”.