Codeacademy teaches beginners how to code in a fairly comprehensive way. I have completed all of the HTML, CSS, and Make a Website courses that have enabled me to begin coding myself.

What I have learned from these courses: I personally thought all three of these courses were incredibly interesting and cool to try. One of my past significant others was a computer tech guy that codes for a living and I never understood any of it. After taking these courses, I understand the run down of coding a little more and can slightly read what it is saying if I run into it again. The courses I enjoyed the most was the HTML course in which we learned about the very basics and it wasn’t running over my head. I personally liked learning how to change the headers, font text, font size, color, and adding media. I found that as I went on further in the courses I was still very intrigued (like learning how to make tables and doing the Freeform projects. However, I also became quite confused very quickly as it was a little more than I understood. I spent probably a bit too much time on each section trying to figure it out and often found that the answer to the code task was much more simple than I thought. Though I valued the lessons, I think I personally am going to stray away from coding again if I can help it as it was a bit too confusing for me.

Below is the screenshot for my courses:


Here are the courses I’ve completed: 

Learn HTML-

  • Learn HTML: Elements and Structure
  • Learn HTML: Tables

Learn CSS-

  • Learn CSS: Selectors and Visual Rules
  • Learn CSS: The Box Model
  • Display and Positioning
  • Learn CSS: Colors
  • Learn CSS: Typography
  • Learn CSS: Grid

Make a Website-

  • Site Structure
  • A Closer Look at CSS
  • Boundaries and Space
  • Building with Bootstrap

Screenshot of Codeacademy Achievements Page